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We are currently sold out of Ladybugs until October!!

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We are shipping perishable items.
We only ship Wednesday each week.  The delivery service we use does not deliver on weekends. 
Orders are compiled throughout the week, harvested and processed on Mondays.  
For example:  If you order on Tuesday August16th, your order will be shipped Wednesday August 24th.  Please keep this in mind when ordering your insects. 
Due to the extreme temperatures recently we cannot guarantee your shipment if you are not there to receive it and you request it be left signature not required.

Currently only shipping to BC and Alberta. 
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Beneficial Insects
ladybug aphid predator
Beneficial Predators have the best success when applied as one part of a complete IPM program.  Integrated Pest Management involves using a combination of strategies to combat pests in horticulture.  
Bugs with Benefits is a new company founded in 2016.   We are looking forward to helping the home gardener discover a variety of natural solutions for a healthy balance in your garden.

Using Beneficials is not about eradication, it is about restoring balance.